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About That “Toy Gun”

Above is a picture of an Airsoft “toy gun”.

In numerous reports about the tragic police killing of a Cleveland adolescent, Tamir Rice, it’s often mentioned the child was carrying a “toy gun”.

It was an Airsoft gun, and Airsoft manufactures some very realistic-looking “toy guns”.  They are sold with a bright orange cap which is supposed to be used to indicate they are just “toys”.  Apparently, there was no orange cap on the “toy gun” used by Tamir Rice.

Parents who let their kids play, unattended, in public places with this sort of “toy gun” which looks like a “real gun”, should have their freakin’ heads examined.



Increased criminal use of airsoft guns worries police


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Ferguson Grand Jury Testimony Transcript


It’s available here

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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach: Heartless

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has instituted numerous suits regarding illegal immigrants, as well as assisting or advising others, and other states.

The man appears to hate — HATE — illegal immigrants, and he appears to be of the mindset of far too many Republicans: A situation is either black or white, with no middle ground.

If he is truly angry about “illegal immigrants”, perhaps he should represent Native Americans in an effort to force all of THEIR illegal immigrants, who have irreparably damaged the Native Americans, to leave the country.

The Washington Post has run a relatively mild article about the guy, presenting only his perspective; it’s a largely one-sided, unbalanced, minimalist softball piece.

The Southern Poverty Law Center offers a more truthful and comprehensive portrait of the man who may very well be, in my opinion, the nation’s greatest hater of immigrants, a man who has undoubtedly caused millions misery and states possibly millions of dollars in legal action expenses.

In another article, the Southern Poverty Law Center writes:

Kobach’s affiliation with FAIR is important. For most of the last three decades, FAIR has been working, as its founder John Tanton once wrote, to preserve “a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” Although the organization is typically less than candid about its motives, its president, Dan Stein, has sounded similar notes. In a heretofore unknown oral history housed in a university library, Stein expressed his anger at the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which sought to end a longstanding and racist system of quotas. President Lyndon B. Johnson, in signing the act, had celebrated the demise of the old racist system, saying that “it will never again shadow the gate to the American nation with …  prejudice.” Stein didn’t see it that way. The act, he said, was a “key mistake” in American policy forced by people who sought “to retaliate against Anglo-Saxon dominance” and create “chaos.”

Considering his seeming fixation on attacking immigrants, and his association with controversial anti-immigrant groups, I have to wonder if Kris Kobach is a white supremacist at heart.  But then, he’s a Republican, and that explains much, as well.  The political party of the old white males fears its fate with the browning of America.


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Live By the Gun – What Happens When A Child Finds Your Gun And Shoots Your Child


Sign on front door where 4-year-old shot 3-year-old with gun

Sign on front door where 4-year-old shot 3-year-old with gun


LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — A 3-year-old boy was hospitalized after sustaining a gunshot wound to his mouth on Friday night. The boy was playing in a bedroom with a 4-year-old neighbor at the time of the shooting. Note: HuffPo/AP reports it was a 3-year-old girl shot by her 4-year-old brother.

The father heard a loud noise in the bedroom, found the door locked and forced it open. He then found his son with the gunshot mouth injury.

The 3-year-old was reported to be in critical condition.

BTW, somebody there DID call 911 — HuffPo has the audio

I suppose we’ll hear from the NRA that 4-year-olds have 2nd Amendment rights.

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Ursula Le Guinn Speaks About Capitalism

Ursula Le Guinn, a writer of fantasy and science fiction, spoke after receiving recogntion at the National Book Awards.

It demonstrates the increasing awareness of the failure of capitalism — just listen to the applause:

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NYPD Hits Fare Dodger In The Face With Nightstick


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Links 11/22/2014

The War President:
Obama Secretly Extends Military Role in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has secretly signed an order that expands the United States’ direct combat role in Afghanistan throughout 2015, the New York Times reported.

Signed over the last few weeks, the secret order permits American forces to continue to battle the Taliban and other militants that pose a threat to either the Afghan government or US personnel. According to the Times, US jets, bombers, and drones will be able to aid ground troops – be they Afghan or US forces – in whatever mission they undertake.


Benghazi: There Is NO (Republican-created) Scandal
The House Select Intelligence Committee—controlled by Republicans—has been investigating the Benghazi attacks in minute detail for two years. Today, with the midterm elections safely past, they issued their findings. Their exoneration of the White House was sweeping and nearly absolute.
Mother Jones

Cutting Google Down To Size:
EU Parliament Proposes Breaking Up Google (in Europe)

EU lawmakers are proposing a breakup of Google’s monopoly that will split its search engine from the rest of its operations in Europe as the EU parliament prepares to vote on a resolution suggesting a way to diminish the Internet giant’s influence.


Potential Hillary Clinton supporters told ‘inevitability is not a message’

“If they put up the right ticket – and they’ve been known not to – but if they put up the right ticket, it could come down to be very, very hotly contested,” Ickes said he told the meeting of leading donors to Ready for Hillary, a pro-Clinton super PAC.

Washington Post

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“Poison the Well” (The Republicans Have Worn Out This Phrase)

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Amnesty International Releases Tool To Detect Spyware

Detekt finds traces of ‘dangerous and sophisticated’ technology used by repressive governments against journalists and human rights defenders, Amnesty International says.

The story – Common Dreams

Website to download the tool

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Impeach Supreme Court Justices?

We most often hear right-wingers demanding impeachment.

In a twist, lefties are now talking about impeachment.
Of Supreme Court justices.

The Nation (William Greider):
Should We Impeach Chief Justice John Roberts?

HuffPo (Nathan Newman – 2012)
Let’s Talk About Impeaching Supreme Court Justices

Somebody has established the basics of an “Impeach Roberts” website.
I can’t tell if it’s “legit” or if somebody may simply be trying to attract traffic.

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Zionist America: Question Israel, Get Fired

After a two-week campaign, the Yale University Episcopal chaplain was forced to resign over a letter to the New York Times in which he explained that actions such as the recent Israeli war on Gaza were breeding anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere.

The Rev. Bruce Shipman, in a three-sentence letter that was published in the Times on August 26, responded to an Op-Ed article by scholar Deborah Lipstadt discussing European anti-Semitism. Shipman’s letter read, in its entirety, as follows:

“Deborah E. Lipstadt makes far too little of the relationship between Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza and growing anti-Semitism in Europe and beyond.

“The trend to which she alludes parallels the carnage in Gaza over the last five years, not to mention the perpetually stalled peace talks and the continuing occupation of the West Bank.

“As hope for a two-state solution fades and Palestinian casualties continue to mount, the best antidote to anti-Semitism would be for Israel’s patrons abroad to press the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for final-status resolution to the Palestinian question.”

World Socialist Web Site

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European Countries Fed Up With Israel

The European Union has been funneling a lot of money to Palestine, hoping for a two-state solution.

Then Israel attacks Palestine and blows up everything the EU paid to build.

Sweden announced recognition of Palestine. England, Ireland, Spain and France may not be far behind.

Israeli officials push two contradictory messages. On the one hand they have declared in private that supporting Palestinian statehood is akin to declaring war on Israel. On the other, they are dismissive belittling the motions as merely symbolic posturing, which makes no difference on the ground. Well, it cannot be both.

Can Europe make a difference? If there is the political will it can certainly have a huge impact on Israel. Hopefully it will not need too many sticks for Israel and Israelis to reassess the direction in which their country is heading.

Al Arabia

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Republicans Bitch About Obama Action on Immigration But Have REFUSED to Act on a Senate Bill Passed Over a YEAR Ago

Source: DonkeyHotey https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/

Source: DonkeyHotey

We’ve heard a lot of whining and bitching from the Republicans about Obama’s statements that he may take executive action on immigration. Boehner says, for example, it will “poison the well“.

Here’s the problem with all this Republican posturing:
Boehner has sat on an immigration bill for over 1-1/2 years — a bill (S. 744) passed by the Senate on April 16, 2013!

The Republicans in Congress have focused on only one thing: Obstructionism. And that is exactly what they have done with an immigration bill, as they now complain about Obama taking unilateral action.

IOW: Republicans are blowing smoke up the rear of Americans while refusing to act and having only one goal: Obstructionism.

Isn’t it time for a change from “politics as usual”? Or, perhaps more correctly, “politics as unusual”?

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Names for Groups of Animals (“A Murder of Crows”)

I recently watched the movie “A Murder of Crows” on Netflix and learned that’s what a group of crows is called: A murder of crows.

A flock of sheep
A herd of cows
A murder of crows

Here are some more interesting names of groups (“collective nouns”)

a charm of goldfinches
a kettle of hawks…

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Proud Ignorance By a Missouri Republican

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