Facebook: Building Silos, Creating Ignorance of Other Points of View


Here’s a great article by Frederic Filloux at Mondaynote.com about the danger of facebook:

Facebook is made up of dozens of millions of groups carefully designed to share the same views and opinions. Each group is protected against ideological infiltration from other cohorts. Maintaining the integrity of these walls is the primary mission of Facebook’s algorithm.

We must face the fact that Facebook doesn’t care about news in the journalism sense. News represents about 10% of the average user newsfeed and news can be cut overnight if circumstances dictate with no significant impact for the platform.

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Dakota Access Pipline: Possible Victory for #NoDAPL Protesters


The Army Corps of Engineers had pulled the rug out from under the pipeline company:

CANNON BALL, N.D. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Sunday that it won’t grant an easement for the Dakota Access oil pipeline in southern North Dakota, handing a victory to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and its supporters, who argued the project would threaten the tribe’s water source and cultural sites.

North Dakota’s leaders criticized the decision, with Gov. Jack Dalrymple calling it a “serious mistake” that “prolongs the dangerous situation” of having several hundred protesters who are camped out on federal land during cold, wintry weather.

[Publ. comment: The danger has been posed by militarized abusive police attacking and injuring protesters.]

U.S. Rep. Kevin Cramer said it’s a “very chilling signal” for the future of infrastructure in the United States.  (source)

[Publ. comment: The future of the United States must move away from dangerous pipelines to renewables. It’s time for ignorant politicians like Cramer to wake up to that fact.]

It is my opinion that the massive number of Native American protesters, coupled with the high-profile arrival of U.S. veterans, finally sent a wake-up call to Obama, who was surely hoping he could sleep through this.

Of course, there’s still the possibility of politics derailing the suspension of drilling under Lake Oahe (the Missouri River).  Protesters have indicated they will be remaining at the site.

The Democratic Party: Death or Fight to the Death?

DNC Headquarters

Dean Atcheson offers an insightful look at the Democratic Party and its decline.

What folks haven’t picked up on yet, is that this commitment to neoliberalism has been eroding the Party’s prospects for more than three decades. For example, back in the 60’s, half of all potential voters in the US identified as Democrats. Currently, 29% do. If one tracks the losses, it appears that the more the Party moved to the center and beyond, the more the people abandoned the Party.

Republicans now control both Houses of Congress, and the Presidency. In fact, since 1980, the nation has had three conservative Republican Presidents and one middle of the road Democrat, and one who was conservative in deed, if not in language. And now Trump.

At the state level, the situation is even more skewed. Republicans control both legislatures and the governorship in 25 states, while Democrats control all three institutions in just 6 states. Nebraska, which has a unicameral, non-partisan legislature, isn’t counted in this total.

Republicans control both legislative bodies in 32 states while Democrats do in just 13. And they’re picking up momentum. In 1978, Democrats controlled both legislative branches in 31 states, while Republicans had majorities in only 11.

Currently 34 states have a Republican governor, while only 15 are headed by a Democrat, and one – Alaska – is headed by an Independent.

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Class Action Lawsuit Against the DNC

The DNC has been sued in federal court by some 122 plaintiffs (people, voters).
The allegation is that the DNC prejudicially acted to get Clinton elected and worked against Bernie Sanders, a violation of the DNC’s espoused neutrality.

Some info:
Florida federal court (southern district – flsdce)
case no. 0:2016-cv-61511
Carol Wilding et al (121 plaintiffs)
Defendant: DNC Services Corporation d/b/a Democratic National Committee

Information about the lawsuit (documents) can be found here (or you can log into the federal courts’ site Pacer).

Here’s the complaint (35 pages, pdf format).

An excerpt from the complaint:

130. Despite the requirements in the Charter, and in spite of the multiple public
declarations of neutrality and impartiality with respect to the Democratic primary process, the
DNC was not neutral. To the contrary, the DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary
Clinton (“Clinton”) – from the beginning and throughout the process. The DNC devoted its
considerable resources to supporting Clinton above any of the other Democratic candidates.
Through its public claims to being neutral and impartial, the DNC actively concealed its bias
from its own donors as well as donors to the campaigns of Clinton’s rivals, including Bernie
Sanders (“Sanders”).

Hillary’s Borg are Amazingly Like RWers

…they don’t let facts get in the way:

Poll from May, 2016:

While there are numerous Hillary supporters clinging to their own version of “facts”, there is no chance for “healing” in the Democratic Party.

Anyway, the Democratic Party will remain corrupt. It would behoove anybody who cares about our election system to abandon the Democrats. (I recommend the Green Party…they accept no corporate payola.)

The City-Slicker, the Farmer, and the Mule

It’s hard to understand how so many voters are so gullible and believe politicians’ lies.
They vote for politicians, and re-elect them, even though they may know they’re being lied to.

They may finally wake up to the lies, but not until they’ve suffered from them.

It brings to mind an old joke:

A city-slicker moved to the country and wanted to buy a mule. Someone told him farmer Jones had a mule for sale, so the city-slicker visited farmer Jones.

Farmer Jones did, indeed, have a mule for sale. The city-slicker asked, “Is he a good mule? Will he listen?”

Farmer Jones assured him the mule was a good mule and would listen to and obey commands.

A few days later, Farmer Jones was on a road going to town, and he saw the city-slicker with the mule. The mule was sitting down and refused to cross a bridge. Farmer Jones asked what was going on. The city-slicker said, “He refuses to cross the bridge, even though I’ve repeatedly told him to.”

Farmer Jones walked to the side of the road, found a big tree branch, walked to the mule and hit the mule in the side of the head with the tree branch. Then farmer Jones whispered something into the mule’s ear. The mule stood up and crossed the bridge.

The city-slicker said, “What happened? How did you do that?”

Farmer Jones said, “Well, it’s like I said — he will listen to you. But sometimes you first have to get his attention.”

– – – – – –

Let’s hope Trump’s victory got the attention of the DNC.

Trump World Discussed on Twitter

Among discussions:
– Trump rumored to consider AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio to head Homeland Security
– Palin among those considered for Interior Secretary
– Ben Carson: Sec. of Education or Sec. of Health and Human Services
– John Bolton: Sec. of State

The angry sane people are in the streets:

And the Hillary supporters are receiving much well-deserved attention for having earlier attacked the Bernie Bros. Reminders like this one, originally tweeted by a Hillbot: