Slick and His “Energizer Bunny”

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s top aides scrambled in 2014 to respond to a new book detailing Bill Clinton’s relationship with a New York suburban socialite nicknamed “The Energizer Bunny”.

According to leaked emails released Saturday by Wikileaks, the Clintons’ inner circle was roiled by the forthcoming release of the book “The First Family In Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal The Hidden Lives Of Presidents” by Clinton antagonist Edward Klein. The book alleged that Bill Clinton had a “blonde, buxom mistress” named Julie McMahon, whom the Secret Service reportedly nicknamed “The Energizer Bunny.”

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Google Further Invades Your Privacy


From Pro Publica:

DoubleClick ads that follow people around on the web may now be customized to them based on your name and other information Google knows about you. It also means that Google could now, if it wished to, build a complete portrait of a user by name, based on everything they write in email, every website they visit and the searches they conduct.

What can you do?

If you value your privacy, you may wish to find another email provider, such as Fastmail (base in Australia). There is an annual fee.

You may also wish to install and ad blocker to block DoubleClick ads.

And by all means install Privacy Badger on your web browser.  It blocks tracking cookies.

Related (from the Guardian):

Users that don’t want to be tracked in this way can visit the activity controls section of their account page on Google, unticking the box marked “Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services”.


Attacks on Julian Assange (WikiLeaks): Orchestrated by Hillary-Connected Company

This isn’t surprising if true.  Establishment politics lives on nasty attacks.

I have been looking into the San Fransisco address listed in the Wikileaks Final Report and found something possibly big, who may be behind the Assange Pedophile attacks a corporation called Premise Data Corporation.



Here is the “headquarters” of the front (PAC?) behind the Assange “took US$1M from Russia” plot.
(Tweet from Wikileaks)

Half of US adults in a face-recognition database

Half of American adults are in a face-recognition database, according to a Georgetown University study released Tuesday. That means there’s about 117 million adults in a law enforcement facial-recognition database, the study by Georgetown’s Center on Privacy & Technology says.

“We are not aware of any agency that requires warrants for searches or limits them to serious crimes,” the study says.

The report (PDF), titled “The Perpetual Line-up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America,” shows that one-fourth of the nation’s law enforcement agencies have access to face-recognition databases, and their use by those agencies is virtually unregulated.

Ars Technica

Princeton Study: Yes, We’re an Oligarchy, NOT a Democracy

Asking “[w]ho really rules?” researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page argues that over the past few decades America’s political system has slowly transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where wealthy elites wield most power.

Using data drawn from over 1,800 different policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, the two conclude that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of or even against the will of the majority of voters.

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Not a Joke: So This Guy Walks Into a Bank…


Jobs are disappearing before our eyes.

I went to a local bank the other day for the first time in awhile.  There used to be 2 or 3 tellers working there and 2 or 3 customer reps sitting in their glass-walled cubicle offices.  I was surprised to see only one teller and one customer service rep.

Bank jobs are disappearing as more people do their banking online and are using plastic instead of paper money or checks.

It’s happening with numerous other jobs.

Will these laid-off workers go work at some fast-food joint?
Robots will replace fast-food workers.

Maybe they’ll get a job at a call center?
Automation is replacing them, too.

It’s called capitalism: The rich get richer.
The rest of us have soup kitchens and food pantries.
Or, if you can find or steal enough, opiates and heroin.

There’s a possible alternative for displaced workers: Forming cooperatives.
Instead of one multi-millionaire being paid to (supposedly) run a company, owned by shareholders who siphon off profit, all of the employees own the company and share the wealth.

Another oft-talked-about idea: Basic income, a guaranteed minimum income for everybody.  That will never happen as long a corporations and the rich control the country.

Another alternative might be riots in the streets and an overthrow of the oligarchy.  But the oligarchs are planning for that, building expensive and elaborate underground shelters or buying remote ranches with private airstrips in places like New Zealand.  If they escape to their safe spaces, how long will they be able to sustain themselves in their luxury bunkers and remote ranches?  And what might they do to quell the rebellion?

Don’t forget how effective the militarized police, Homeland Security, and the FBI were in busting up the Occupy movement.  And don’t forget: Those people hiding in their luxury bunkers and remote ranches will still have zillions of dollars to pay toward crushing a revolution.

Will the revolution arrive?
If it does, will it succeed?

We may find ourselves, and our children, inescapably trapped in serfdom.

Recommended website:
Democracy at work, by economist Richard Wolff.  Learn more about capitalism’s failures and options to counter its disastrous consequences.


Oligachy: When Politicians Openly Declare They’re Bought and Paid For

Corporate-owned Republicans want corporations to be able to hide their political payola:

As lawmakers frantically negotiate a last minute budget deal to avert a government shutdown, Republican lawmakers are attempting to use the standoff to help corporations hide their political spending.  Any agreement to keep the government running, GOP leaders insist, must include a provision that blocks regulators from requiring companies to fully disclose their political spending to their own shareholders.

IB Times

The Oligarcy: He Who Owns the Gold Makes the Rules

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is anti-union, anti-worker, pro-corporation.

It has been accused of inflating its membership, some members have quit the organization because they disagree with its actions or tactics, yet it touts a huge membership.

In fact, most of its money (used to promote corporations’ interests) comes from relatively few corporations.