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Who The IRS Really Targeted

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty tired of right-wingers continually bitching about “being targeted” by the IRS. They lack enough of a brain to realize that groups like the Koch-created and Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity (AFP — which should call itself Americans For Plutocrats) call themselves “public service” groups in order to obtain non-profit status. When, in fact, they are nothing more than propaganda and political groups which exist to promote the oligarch’s agenda.

Who did the IRS really target?
Surprise! Not just the Koch-led teabaggers but a lot of liberal groups, too:

Read more at ThinkProgress

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Preparation For The Invasion Of Ukraine

Will Obama summon Cheney and Rice to the White House to announce Ukraine has weapons of mass destruction?

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Cliven Bundy, In His Own Words

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Family Wins Verdict Against Fracking Company

At last: Frackers are being held accountable.

Lisa’s [family] suffered from breathing difficulties, nausea, rashes that left her scarred with pock-marks. She had biopsies of the oozing welts on her scalp and the 4 ping-pong-ball-sized lumps on her neck. Testing showed drilling chemicals in Lisa’s blood and lungs that match chemicals detected by the state in air testing outside her home.

…In previous lawsuits where people allege health problems from fracking, Golberg said, companies have been successful in arguing that plaintiffs are unable to prove that the oil or gas extraction process was the actual cause of injury. Indeed, Aruba tried the same thing in this case, according to the company’s statement.

…“[The companies] really had an effective campaign of secrecy that protected them,” she said. “But now, as we get more and more information about what the impacts of this industry really are, I think we’re going to see more and more of these kinds of verdicts.”


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The Kochs’ “Americans For Prosperity” Wastes $30 Million Bashing Obamacare

The Koch-created and Koch-funded Americans For Prosperity (AFP — which should be called Americans For Plutocrats) have spent tens of millions of dollars running ads bashing Democrats who supported Obamacare.

It goes to show how malicious and stupid the Kochs are.
Rather than wasting tens of millions on ads full of misrepresentations or lies,they could have simply used some of the complaints being aired by left wingers.

Of course, the Kochsters have no reasonable and economical alternative to Obamacare, and they would probably barf and gag if they had to use any ad which includes “single payer”. They don’t bash Obamacare because they give a damn about universal health care availability (which would even include the serfs). It’s simply something they use to bash Democrats.

It’s important to remember that about the Kochsters: They’re good at voicing complaints and attacking others. But pay attention to what alternatives they offer — alternatives which will benefit the entire country, not just the plutocrats and corporations.

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The Brainwashing Of My Dad

New documentary


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How To Campaign On The GOP Ticket In Alabama

Steve Hurst is, of course, a Republican.

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Australians For Coal

You’ve gotta love those Aussies…no beating around the bush:

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SPLC Report: Nearly 100 Murdered By Users Of White Supremacist Website

Almost 100 people were murdered over the last five years by registered users of Stormfront, the largest racist Web forum in the world, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The forum in effect acts to nurture budding killers and give them moral support, the report says.

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Google: Unelected Superpower With No Oversight?

Another item of concern about the corporate/plutocrat oligarchy in which we live:

the government is not the only American power whose motivations need to be rigourously examined. Some 2,400 miles away from Washington, in Silicon Valley, Google is aggressively gaining power with little to keep it in check.

It has cosied up to governments around the world so effectively that its chairman, Eric Schmidt, is a White House advisor. In Britain, its executives meet with ministers more than almost any other corporation.

Google can’t be blamed for this: one of its jobs is to lobby for laws that benefit its shareholders, but it is up to governments to push back. As things stand, Google – and to a lesser extent, Facebook – are in danger of becoming the architects of the law.
The Telegraph

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The Drug Industry: Double Dealing

In preparing Obamacare, Obama negotiated behind closed doors with the health insurance industry and the drug industry. Terms favorable to them were included which assured them of continued profits.

The Nation’s Investigative Fund reports on a lobbyist who, in public, was supportive of Obamacare yet who worked behind the scenes as a lobbyist to OPPOSE Obamacare. The drug industry contributed over a million bucks to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which was undertaking efforts to attack Obamacare.

This, from an industry which makes billions.

Billy Tauzin, The lobbyist?

The PhRMA board appears to have appreciated Tauzin’s methods. After the ACA was signed, Tauzin retired from his post. The board handed him an $11.6 million payout for his final year of work. It made him one of the highest-paid lobbyists in Washington.

The story

Remember this: We the consumers pay for this sort of crap thanks to the high prices we pay for drugs in the U.S.

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Further Evidence There’s Precious Little Difference Between Republicans And Democrats: They Both Serve Plutocrats And Corporations

The Guardian provides copies of memos from the Clinton administration regarding repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which was enacted after the Great Depression to prevent banks from running amok with customers money. Of course, that’s exactly what they did leading up to the 2008 collapse.

It’s something you would expect Republicans to do.

The moral: Democrats are not your friends, either, when there’s money, corporations, plutocrats or reelection involved.

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Batshit Crazy: The Right Wing And Agenda 21

Here is an example of the absolute irrationality and lunacy of right-wingers. Ignorance combined with paranoia and hate are a toxic coctail, and right-wingers seem to drink that cocktail regularly:

At the conclusion of the June 3-14, 1992, United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, President George H.W. Bush and the leaders of 177 other nations signed a document known as Agenda 21. At the time it was seen as a perfectly sensible planning paper, a nonbinding statement of intent aimed at dealing with sustainability on an increasingly crowded planet.

That’s the introduction to a report issued by the Southern Poverty Law Center, “AGENDA 21, The UN, Sustainability and Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory“.

Agenda 21 is not a treaty. It has no force of law, no enforcement mechanisms, no penalties, and no significant funcing. It is not even a top-down recommendation, seeking instead to encourage communities around the world to come up with their own solutions to overpopulation, pollution, poverty and resource depletion. It is a feel-good guide that cannot force anyone, anywhere, to do anything at all.

Yet Alabama has passed a law meant to outlaw any effects of the plan. The legislatures of Kansas, New Hampshire and Tennessee all passed state resolutions condemning it…

In communities like Carroll County, Md., politicians have been voted out of office for supporting local plans. In Baldwin County, Ala., all nine members of the Planning and Zoning Commission quit in disgust after the County Commission killed their plan “on a pretext so devoid of relevance and merit as, in our opinion, to elicit only ridicule,” as they wrote.

This relatively innocuous document became the rallying point for right-wing lunacy and hate. The Birchers began the attack and were soon followed in the battle of fools by Republican politicians, who claimed it was part of a “new world order”.

The demonization of Agenda 21 began among extremist groups like the John Birch Society, the same outfit that was effectively ejected from the conservative movement after accusing [Republican] President Dwight D. Eisenhower of being a communist agent.

Numerous Republican politicians joined in the ignorant and maniacal condemnation of Agenda 21, creating widespread alarm — particularly among the right-wing borg.

Read the report. It’s astonishing.

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Stay The Hell Away From General Mills Products

If you know anything about mandatory arbitration, you know it sucks.
What sucks even more is the National Arbitration Forum (NAF), which has a history of screwing consumers and favoring big business.

Now comes General Mills which says if you download any General Mills coupons, interact with it on social media (e.g. facebook), participate in a General Mills sweepstakes, or engage in any other “interactions” with General Mills, you will have to go to arbitration if you have a complaint against General Mills.

This is outrageous!

naked capitalism

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You Are Paying $1,200+ To Cover For Plutocrats And Corporations Who Dodge Taxes

From a USPIRG report:

The United States loses approximately $184 billion in federal and state revenue each year due to corporations and individuals using tax havens to dodge taxes. On average, every filer who fills out a 1040 individual income tax form would need to pay an additional $1,259 in taxes to make up for the revenue lost.

This is your oligarchy in action.

Protect the rich and the corporations at any cost.

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