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A federal judge Friday threw out new Texas abortion restrictions that would have effectively closed more than a dozen clinics in the state.

Pennsylvania Makes Public 243 Cases of Fracking Contaminated Water

Public Wins: Davis City Council Orders Police ‘Get Rid Of Military Vehicle’
Popular Resistance

Arizona Man Arrested For Burning, Urinating On The Bible
Alan Colmes

Texas governor Rick Perry’s National Guard Hasn’t Been Paid for Patrolling Border, Resorts to Food Banks

Nearly half of all Syrians have been forced to leave their homes
National Geographic

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Why We Need Viable Third Parties (Elizabeth Warren)

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that both of the major political parties are corrupt and self-serving.

Obama promised “Change”. He gave us more of the same.

Lefties have been having a love affair with Elizabeth Warren, who has boldly spoken out in favor of help the people, not corporations. Now, some may question the depth of their love after Warren spoke just like every other pro-Israel politician. She appears to be no different from all the rest (perhaps worse) when it comes to foreign affairs.

We need choices. REAL choices. And that’s why we need to support third parties.


Green Party (accepts no corporate money)

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This Is What Religion Can Do To Families

Daniel Ashley Pierce, who came out as gay, is confronted by his step-mother, father and grandparents.

Over $80,000 has been donated to Pierce

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What You May Not Know About Burger King

You’ve probably read about the pending merger of Burger King with Canadian-based Tim Horton’s.

It’s reported Burger King will be legally folded into Tim Horton’s in Canada and effectively renounce its U.S. “citizenship” for the sake of reducing taxes.

What you may not know about Burger King: it is owned by a Brazilian company, 3G Capital.
The three Brazilian founders of 3G Capital are worth a combined $46.7 billion.

3G also owns HJ Heinz (co-owner: Warren Buffett) and Budweiser.

3G is known for pinching pennies.

What happened when it bought Heinz:

At Heinz, which 3G and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought last year, employees were restricted to spending $15 a month on office supplies and told they couldn’t use mini-refrigerators to save on electricity, according to a memo obtained by Bloomberg News. 3G limits printing to 200 pages a month per employee and restricts color pages to “customer-facing purposes.”

3G also cut several hundred jobs at the company’s Pittsburgh headquarters, including 11 senior executives, and grounded corporate jets.


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Hackers Can Use Google To Find Stuff

In a restricted intelligence document distributed to police, public safety, and security organizations in July, the Department of Homeland Security warned of a “malicious activity” that could expose secrets and security vulnerabilities in organizations’ information systems. The name of that activity: “Google dorking.”

“Malicious cyber actors are using advanced search techniques, referred to as ‘Google dorking,’ to locate information that organizations may not have intended to be discoverable by the public or to find website vulnerabilities for use in subsequent cyber attacks,” the for-official-use-only Roll Call Release warned. “By searching for specific file types and keywords, malicious cyber actors can locate information such as usernames and passwords, e-mail lists, sensitive documents, bank account details, and website vulnerabilities.”

Ars Technica

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People’s Climate March – September 21


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Good News: AIPAC May Be Falling Out Of Favor

The New Yorker reports that the American Jewish lobbying group, AIPAC, which works diligently to buy politicians to support Israel, and to keep the American welfare checks flowing to Israel, may be losing some of its attraction, primarily among younger Jews.

Now that is good news.

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Good News: Rupert Murdoch’s Australian Newspapers Ailing Financially

Rupert Murdoch, the right-wing rabble-rouser, got his start in Australia, with an Australian newspaper. Eventually, he branched out, buying more newspapers, a movie studio, and the much-reviled Faux News.

Now comes good news from Australia: Murdoch’s Australian newspapers appear to be on a financial downhill slide.

Let’s hope it spreads to his other propaganda outlets.

Murdoch’s employees saw nothing wrong with spying on others’ voice mail. Yet when somebody go ahold of one of Murdoch’s internal documents outlining the declining money situation, well, Murdoch sued.

Financial Review

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Iowa GOPer: Child Immigrants Could Be Trained Warriors

The right-wing mind is a thing of wonder.

Republican National Committeewoman Tamara Scott shared her concerns on her weekly web show Thursday that child immigrants may be “highly trained as warriors” who could pose a threat to the U.S.

Talking Points Memo
(There’s even a video of her instilling fear of kids.)

What next?
We need charter schools because al Quaeda is recruiting on public school playgrounds?

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Arizona Politician Replies To Anti-Abortionists – By Sending Them Condoms

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Researchers’ Malware Steals Gmail Password, Online Banking Data

University researchers have built an Android app that secretly snatches valuable personal data from other mobile apps, such as webmail, shopping and online banking.

The app, demonstrated Friday at the USENIX Security Conference in San Diego, stole login credentials from Google Gmail, a social security number from an H&R Block app, a credit card number from a NewEgg app and a bank-check image from a Chase Bank app.


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Republicans Continue To Fight Hard To Prevent Community Broadband

A number of communities have successfully established their own community-owned broadband service. These services may be established by communities because commercial service is lackluster, or because they want to have higher speeds (and faster internet access) available.

Some 20 states have passed laws forbidding communities from establishing their own service. The big boys like Comcast and AT&T pay politicians quite handsomely, you know, and those politicians (primarily Republicans) have been working hard to ensure that Comcast, AT&T, et al, maintain their virtual monopoly on providing internet access.

Now a Republican warns the FCC that if the state laws are prohibited by the FCC, well, when a Republican president is again elected, they’ll just change the rule back to allow states to prohibit community-owned broadband service.

ars technica

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“Recovery?” Just Ignore Those Pesky Wage Declines, Okay?

The National Employment Law Project (NELP) has issued a report on wage declines during the oft-reported “recovery”:
An Unbalanced Recovery: Real Wage and Job Growth Trends (pdf).

It’s saddening.

  • Lower-wage industries accounted for 41 percent of employment growth from July 2013 to July 2014. Today, lower-wage industries employ 2.3 million more workers than at the start of the recession.
  • Mid-wage industries accounted for 26 percent of recent employment growth. There are now 698,000 fewer jobs in mid-wage industries than at the start of the recession.
  • Higher-wage industries accounted for 33 percent of recent employment growth. There are now 522,000 fewer jobs in higher-wage industries than at the start of the recession.
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Ferguson Will Surely Be Forgotten

It bemuses me to see the outrage on social media about “militarized police” and “police violence” in Ferguson, Missouri.

Some express indignant outrage that THIS could be happening in America! Some speak or write as though this is the first time they have become aware of it.

Were they completely ignorant of the Occupy movement and the police violence directed at it? Apparently so, or they have forgotten.

The popular outrage about events in Ferguson, Missouri, will surely be forgotten, too.

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Liberty And Justice For All? The Politics Of Disposability

Henry Giroux:

Watch this and another video, “The War on Justice

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