Ralph Nader Did Not Cost Al Gore the 2000 Election

The Democratic Party believes the Green Party “steals” its votes. That belief is incorrect, since there’s no assurance that Green Party supporters would vote for a Democratic Party candidate.

Nonetheless, the Democratic Party (and its hacks) have chosen to make Ralph Nader (2000 Green Party presidential candidate) a scapegoat for Al Gore’s loss to George “Shrub” Bush in 2000.

In every election since, Democrats and their supporters regurgitate the lie that “Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the 2000 election”.

It’s political propaganda, a lie.

Let’s look at the FACTS:

George Bush beat Al Gore by only 543 votes in Florida.

The United States Supreme Court voted five to four along party lines to uphold the vote certified by the Florida Secretary of State, Kathleen Harris, declaring George Bush the winner in Florida.

Twelve percent of Florida Democrats (over 200,000) voted for Republican George Bush. Over 200,000 Democrats voted for Bush!

There’s no evidence that those who voted for Ralph Nader would have voted for Gore.

There were a number of non-duopoly parties running candidates. ANY ONE OF THEM could be blamed by the Democrats for “drawing votes away from Gore”. Remember, Gore lost by 543 votes:

Please don’t be so gullible as to accept the Democratic Party’s lie(s).

Here’s a more in-depth accounting which also includes Florida’s Secretary of State and butterfly ballots as culprits in the election.

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