“China China China” – Republicans Attempt to Deflect Criticism from Trump

Trump and his Republican cult have been nearly unanimously working to blame China for the coronavirus pandemic. Never mind that Trump bears responsibility for his bumbling, lying, denying here in the U.S. Blame China.

But there’s this:

We HAD a U.S. pandemic expert IN China. Until Trump removed her job.

Several months before the coronavirus pandemic began, the Trump administration eliminated a key American public health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China, Reuters has learned.

“It was heartbreaking to watch,” said Bao-Ping Zhu, a Chinese American who served in that role, which was funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2007 and 2011. “If someone had been there, public health officials and governments across the world could have moved much faster.”

As an American CDC employee, they said, Quick was in an ideal position to be the eyes and ears on the ground for the United States and other countries on the coronavirus outbreak, and might have alerted them to the growing threat weeks earlier.

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