Covid-19 infects intestines, kidneys and other organs, studies find

The new coronavirus can infect organs throughout the body, including lungs, throat, heart, liver, brain, kidneys and the intestines, researchers reported Wednesday.Two separate reports suggest the virus goes far beyond the lungs and can attack various organs — findings that can help explain the wide range of symptoms caused by Covid-19 infection.The findings might help explain some of the puzzling symptoms seen in coronavirus patients. They include blood clots that cause strokes in younger people and that clog dialysis machines, headaches and kidney failure.


The rabbi who is neighbor to Mark and Patricia McCloskey speaks out: ‘They are bullies’

When Rabbi Susan Talve heard that Patricia and Mark McCloskey would be among the speakers addressing the Republican National Convention, she decided she could no longer stay quiet.

“It’s so upsetting that they have a national audience,” Talve said. “It’s upsetting we make heroes out of people who hate.”

“They are bullies,” she said. “The fact that they’re speaking at the convention is a win for bullies.”


Idaho: A Living Example of TrumpWorld

Angry, maskless spectators forced themselves into the Idaho House special session on the coronavirus pandemic Monday, shattering a glass door, rushing into the gallery that had limited seating because of the virus and forcing lawmakers to ask for calm in a crowd that included a man carrying an assault-style weapon.

Associated Press

How Bad is the Trump Attack on the Postal Service? THIS Bad:

‘Like Armageddon’: Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks.

At a mail processing facility in Santa Clarita in July, workers discovered that their automated sorting machines had been disabled and padlocked.

And inside a massive mail-sorting facility in South Los Angeles, workers fell so far behind processing packages that by early August, gnats and rodents were swarming around containers of rotted fruit and meat, and baby chicks were dead inside their boxes.

L.A. Times

How Crazy Has Trump Made the United States? This Crazy: Broken Jaw Over Being Asked to Wear a Face Mask.

A 17-year-old employee at the Sesame Place children’s theme park near Philadelphia needed a tooth removed and double jaw surgery last week after he was punched in the face for asking two guests to wear face masks, according to reports.

Authorities arrested 39-year-old Troy McCoy on Wednesday at his apartment in the Bronx, according to The Washington Post. His 31-year-old roommate Shakerra Bonds was expected to turn herself in.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Steve Bannon and His Fellow Conspirators Charged with Fraud in “We Build The Wall” Scheme

Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s former top adviser, was charged on Thursday in New York with fraud for his role in a scheme related to “We Build the Wall,” an online fund-raising effort that collected more than $25 million for the president’s much-touted plan to erect a barrier on the Mexican border, officials said.

Mr. Bannon and three other defendants “defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors, capitalizing on their interest in funding a border wall to raise millions of dollars, under the false pretense that all of that money would be spent on construction,” Audrey Strauss, the acting United States attorney in Manhattan, said in a statement Thursday.

NY Times


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Bill Barr’s DOJ Argues that Trump Should be Allowed to Block People onTwitter

Our tax dollars are used for things like this!

In 2017, President Trump blocked in-dividual respondents’ Twitter accounts from his per-sonal account after respondents posted messages on their accounts criticizing him or his policies. The court of appeals held that, in doing so, President Trump vio-lated the First Amendment. The question presented is: Whether the First Amendment deprives a govern-ment official of his right to control his personal Twitter account by blocking third-party accounts if he uses that personal account in part to announce official actions and policies.

Supreme Court Petition! (pdf)