FASCIST WHITE HOUSE: ‘Very Proud of Themselves’: Senior WH Official Says Trump Team Was ‘Celebrating’ Tear Gassing Protestors at Church

The Trump White House is “celebrating” Monday evening’s gassing of protestors in Lafayette Park to clear the area so the President could walk to St. John’s Church to hold up a bible for a photo-op.

“One senior aide was exuberantly telling friends the photograph of [Trump] holding a Bible in front of the church that had been attacked by vandals was an ‘iconic’ moment for the president,” Axios’ Jonathan Swan reports.

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Things Are Not Always As They Seem: White Nationalist Group Posing as Antifa Called for Violence on Twitter

misinformation and misleading claims spread across Twitter on Sunday night and into Monday related to the protests

A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national “antifa” organization and pushing violent rhetoric related to ongoing protests has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according to a Twitter spokesperson.

The spokesperson said the account violated the company’s platform manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts. Twitter suspended the account after a tweet that incited violence.

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Trump Has Protesters Gassed so He can Walk Across the Street to a Closed Church and Hold Up a Bible

(Be sure to read the sign behind the moron)

Mariann Budde, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, said the following about Trump’s photo-op at her church:

And there’s this from a Jesuit priest:

And this:

Ahead of Trump Bible photo op, police forcibly expel priest from St. John’s church near White House

“They turned holy ground into a battleground,” said the Rev. Gini Gerbasi.

Will the Supreme Court Agree to Review the Court-Created Concept of Legal Immunity?

The brutal death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police has re-energized a national debate over misconduct by law enforcement officials that the Supreme Court may be poised to enter.

The justices could announce as early as Monday that they will consider whether law enforcement and other officials continue to deserve “qualified immunity” that protects them from being sued for official actions.

“It’s a vivid and tragic example of our culture of near-zero accountability for police officers,” says Jay Schweikert, a criminal justice analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, one of the leading advocacy groups seeking to limit or eliminate qualified immunity. “People understand that officers are rarely held to account.”

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Bill Clinton, Then the Republicans, Helped Move American Pharmaceutical Companies Overseas

Before 1996, the tax code gave makers of drugs and medical devices favorable treatment for manufacturing products in U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico. At that time, Puerto Rico was the American engine of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing. Many, if not most, domestic companies had a presence there. In an effort to curb “corporate welfare,” however, the Republican Congress passed and President Clinton signed the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996, which phased out the tax exemption. The results were predictable.

The manufacturers reduced or eliminated their operations in Puerto Rico, moving them to China, India and Ireland, which welcomed their presence with favorable economic policies.

Another law passed in 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, further discouraged manufacturing on the island [Puerto Rico]. Under the act, income generated from the Puerto Rican operations of U.S. companies is treated as foreign income and subjected to double taxation.

The Hill

Pictures of boxes, all marked “Made in China” at a Kroger pharmacy:

Radical Groups: Boogaloo Bois – Out to Kill Cops

One commenter added, “I’m looking for fellow Minneapolis residents to join me in forming a private, Constitutionally-authorized militia to protect people from the MPD, which has killed too many people within the last two years.”

These exchanges offer a window into an extremely online update of the militia movement, which is gearing up for the northern summer. The “Boogaloo Bois” expect, even hope, that the warmer weather will bring armed confrontations with law enforcement, and will build momentum towards a new civil war in the United States.