Whining About Sites LikeTwitter “Violating Free Speech Rights”?

Some (mostly right-wingers) are complaining about websites like Twitter and facebook violating free speech rights of their users.

The first amendment applies only to “free speech” suppression by government entities. It doesn’t apply to private companies.

Moreover, their complaints are often wrong.

Read this:

Everything pundits are getting wrong about this current moment in content moderation: An ongoing list

Why I fly the flag upside down

Commentary at The Seattle Times by a man who flies the U.S. flag upside down.

Disrespectful? Who could be more disrespectful than President Donald Trump? He has disrespected an entire religion, women, immigrants, a neighboring country, our allies, civil servants, the intelligence community and the free press. He has disrespected the intelligence and the basic goodness of Americans by repeatedly lying right into the camera. By appointing completely unqualified people to head them, he has disrespected the hard work of government agencies to make this a stronger, safer country.