Prejudicial Coverage of Bernie by CNN (a.k.a. Why CNN sucks, IMHO)

[Democratic debate 1/14/2020:] Democrats assembled in Iowa Tuesday night for the opportunity to take him on in the upcoming general election. This time, though, it was CNN moderators who brought out the bat and swung it hard at Sen. Bernie Sanders. The Vermont independent had topped the important Iowa poll last week, compounding fears that have only recently emerged among the party establishment that he may be on course for the nomination.

In contrast to Sanders’s treatment, former Vice President Joe Biden, the national front-runner, was barely touched — either by moderators or his rivals.

The Intercept

The moral: CNN is prejudicial and an unreliable source for honest news/information.

Liz Warren Accuses Bernie of Mysogyny. Bernie Denies It. Who’s Right?

In fact, I think it’s fairly easy to conclude that Warren’s claim is highly dubious. This is because:

  1. Bernie Sanders has a long history of saying the opposite of what Warren is accusing him of saying, and thinking a woman can’t win is incompatible with his political worldview.
  2. Elizabeth Warren has a long history of saying untrue and distorted things for politically opportunistic reasons. 

Current Affairs

[IOW, Warren is Hillary redux]

Republicans: Determined to Destroy America. A Country Led By Morons.

Trump’s assassination of Iranian general Qassim Suleimeni is only one of many autocratic mis-steps by the moron in the White House. Pentagon officials were reportedly stunned by the moron’s decision. The Iraq parliament approved a non-binding resolution telling the U.S. to get out of Iraq. We may be going to war with Iran. ISIS will expand.

This, after we were lied to about the Iraq war.

Thank (largely) Republican warhawks for all of this. The same Republicans who say they won’t impeach the moron.

Republicans: The Most Dangerous Organization in Human History

Republicans, says Noam Chomsky, are the most dangerous organization in human history.

As Australia is turned into cinders by huge wildfires, as communities experience increased flooding, as Russians continue to work to influence our elections, and as gun deaths and mass-shootings rise, the Republicans refuse to even acknowledge any of it, and, in fact deny any of it. High-tide flooding has doubled in the past thirty years.

The Republican solution? EPA website removes climate science site from public view after two decades.

Financial Bankruptcy and Military Spending

According to this site, the U.S. has 200,000 active troops overseas in 177 countries. Under Republicans, we pay more tax dollars to fund the military. Over One Trillion dollars per year.

An already-huge defense spending budget has increased under Republicans. While this pie chart is several years old, it’s an example of how much of our discretionary spending goes to the military:

Although military spending is HUGE, and ever-increasing under Republican leadership, the Republicans’ solution to an ever-increasing national debt is to cut social-welfare programs like Social Security (which is self-funding), Medicare and Medicaid.


Republicans promised tax breaks for everyone with their #GOPTaxScam. Instead, multi-billion-dollar corporations paid NO taxes, as the national debt exploded under the moron and Republicans. Ironic, isn’t it, that the political party which promotes itself as
the party of “fiscal responsibility” is actually the party of “borrow and spend”.

Environmental Destruction

The moron and his Republican cohorts have destroyed environmental protections. ” A new report concludes that the damage already done by the Trump administration to the environment, and the US agency that regulates it, will result in 80,000 deaths each decade. “

Republicans are Screwing America.

America, it should be painfully obvious to anyone paying attention that Republicans are screwing America.


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The Corrupt Democratic Party Could Give the 2020 Election to Trump

If the Democratic Party engages in the same sort of election-rigging and cheating as it did in 2016, it may very well throw the election to Trump.

In a 2017 lawsuit, the DNC said they have no obligation to be fair:

DNC attorneys claim Article V, Section 4 of the DNC Charter—stipulating that the DNC chair and their staff must ensure neutrality in the Democratic presidential primaries—is “a discretionary rule that it didn’t need to adopt to begin with.” Based on this assumption, DNC attorneys assert that the court cannot interpret, claim, or rule on anything associated with whether the DNC remains neutral in their presidential primaries.

Later in the hearing, attorneys representing the DNC claim that the Democratic National Committee would be well within their rights to “go into back rooms like they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.” By pushing the argument throughout the proceedings of this class action lawsuit, the Democratic National Committee is telling voters in a court of law that they see no enforceable obligation in having to run a fair and impartial primary election.


Like Trump, the Democratic Party has a loyalty oath. Has a candidate served the party’s interests? Raised money for the party? Served long enough in the party? Is it “their turn”?

Bernie Sanders is, IMHO, the best Democratic Party candidate. He has an unflinching track record. He represents the people (not bought by corporate interests). He’s the antidote we need to the malignant narcissist currently stinking up the White House and the country.

Yet I continue to see, on Twitter, vehement opposition to Bernie. But there’s also widespread support for Bernie, and those voters are the ones who will matter most if Bernie doesn’t win the Democrats’ nomination.

Some may hold their nose and vote for the Democratic nominee (“Vote blue no matter who”).

Others, as they did in 2016, may refuse to vote for a candidate proffered by a corrupt political party. Or they may decide to sit out this election and not vote.

Given Bernie’s increasing popularity, if the Democratic Party engages in it’s 2016-style corruption, it may be responsible for re-electing Trump (or some other corrupt Republican, if Trump is thrown from office).

The corrupt Democrats are perhaps one of the Republican Party’s greatest assets, and they may again be responsible for the election of a Republican president.

This country desperately needs viable third parties. The duopoly is destroying this country.

Dog People Live Longer.

[S]tudies, published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, suggest that dog ownership is linked to a 21% reduction in the risk of death — over the 12-year period studied — for people with heart disease. Those studies complement a body of literature linking dogs to good health.