Rent a Scooter, Sign Away Your Legal Rights

Electric scooter riders Dallas are learning — painfully — they may have little recourse against the rental companies for any accident-related damages and injuries. The companies have shielded themselves via novella-length payment agreements that users must accept to use the scooters.

The click-to-agree clauses, which can consume more than 250 cellphone screens to read fully, force riders to settle all disputes through confidential binding arbitration, effectively giving up their right to sue in court. Some of the user agreements say renters must take responsibility for all accidents and damage and must accept a $100 limit on the companies’ liability.

Chaos Seekers

a segment of the American electorate that was once peripheral is drawn to “chaos incitement” and that this segment has gained decisive influence through the rise of social media.

The circulation of this type of information (which the authors label “hostile political rumors”) has been “linked to large-scale political outcomes within recent years such as the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

NY Times

Amazon Delivery: Outsourced, Involved in Accidents, Overworked Drivers

A yearlong investigation — based on that data, along with internal documents, government records, thousands of court files, and interviews with dozens of current and former Amazon employees, delivery company operators, managers, and drivers — reveals that Amazon’s pivot to delivery has, all too often, exposed communities across the country to chaos, exploitative working conditions, and, in many cases, peril.


David Koch Escaped the Climate Hell He Helped Create

It’s reported that David Koch is dead.

The billionaire died this week at age 79 of causes yet unknown. While he certainly enjoyed the fruits of his labors to deregulate U.S. industry and reduce taxes on the super-wealthy like himself, he will never have to experience the consequences of his biggest achievement: putting the entire planet on the brink of crisis in the service of enriching himself and a few other fossil fuel billionaires. And we, the people and future generations who are going to live with the fallout, will never see him or the small cadre of wealthy conservatives who funded decades of climate denial face any form of justice.