Plutocrats Promote Hate by Organizing and Promoting Street Theatre

The Koch machine (the Kochtopus) and its ridiculously rich members, as well as people like the DeVos family, spend hundreds of millions of dollars to promote hate and anger. Their agenda: No rules (which they call “economic freedom”) and control of government.

A bunch of right-wing protesters in Michigan demonstrate how the plutocrats brainwash simple-minded people into doing their bidding. There was a Michigan protest against the social distancing and voluntary quarantining ordered by Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer. They brought all their teabagger paraphernalia (snake flags, nazi flags, confederate flags, assault rifles) and blocked ambulances making runs to the hospital.

This is the modern Republican party.

It’s controlled by plutocrats like the Koch and DeVos families.

Hopefully, those Republican puppets at the protest contracted the coronavirus.



In the standard prestige media presentation, the “spontaneous” protestors against COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan and elsewhere are presented thus: those salt-of-the-earth working folk, battered by economic hardship, who want their jobs back. However misguided, their motives generally aren’t questioned.

Who could have imagined that they [included] neo-Confederates, NRA extremists, anti-vaxxer lunatics, and other fringe types [and that their organizers included groups that have been] funded in part by the Koch brothers and a Trump cabinet member, Betsy DeVos? Why does it take a British newspaper to make that clear?

The Atlantic

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