Trump,Barr, and Republicans in General Attacks on Antifa: Madness Ensues. Colorado Man Holds Roofing Company Employees at Gunpoint

Trump and Barr have repeatedly attacked Antifa — even though the group has, apparently, no formal structure. Whenever Trump wages an attack on some group, his followers often go on the attack, as in this case:

LOVELAND, Colo. — A Loveland man faces felony charges after allegedly concluding that two men going door-to-door in his neighborhood were members of the protest movement known as Antifa – and then ordering them to the ground and holding them at gunpoint.

WTF? The man purpoting to be the man’s son reportedly told local news that the guy is being treated for a mental illness. Yet he’s got guns?


In a Time of Financial Crisis, What Does the Fed Do? It Bails Out the Rich and “Investors”

From Wolf Richter (

America Convulses in Pain, Fed Bails Out the Wealthy

“We’re in an economic meltdown like I’ve never seen before. Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs – and so suddenly, that the government data to track them has fallen into chaos, with different agencies reporting data that is all over the place and contradicting each other. None of these systems were designed to track this type of sudden collapse of the labor market during a pandemic.”

So what is the fed doing to alleviate the pain?

Trump Calls Himself the “Law and Order” President (Except When He’s Not)

Trump says, “I’m the law and order president”.
Pull my other finger.

The International Criminal Court on Thursday rebuked the Trump administration for slapping sanctions and travel restrictions on court staff investigating alleged war crimes committed by U.S., calling the action “an unacceptable attempt to interfere with the rule of law.”

The new statement from the Hague-based body came after President Donald Trump issued an executive order authorizing the actions targeting ICC staff and their family members—as well as anyone who has “directly engaged in any effort by the ICC” to investigate the U.S. or a U.S. ally—as the Trump administration continues to lash out over ongoing investigations into alleged war crimes committed by U.S. forces and others in Afghanistan and alleged war crimes committed by Israel against Palestinians.

Common Dreams

Trump Admin. Refuses to Disclose Corporate Recipients of $500 Billion in Coronavirus Bailout Funds

Progressive critics and advocacy groups are responding with alarm and anger to the Trump administration’s refusal to disclose the names of more than 4.5 million companies that have collectively received over $500 billion in corporate bailout money through a federal program created to provide businesses with relief from the coronavirus pandemic.

The over $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed by Trump in March established the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) with $349 billion in funding for forgivable loans. After the initial capital ran out in just 13 days, lawmakers approved $310 billion more

Common Dreams

One America News, the Network That Spreads Conspiracies to the West Wing

Trump amplified OANN’s false claim about Martin Gugino, 75, who was hospitalized after being shoved to the ground by the police.

The conservative cable network One America News has a minuscule audience, attracts few readers on the web and has struggled to break into the television mainstream.

But thanks to one powerful viewer in the White House, the network’s influence — and its conspiracy theories — are echoing in the highest reaches of American politics.

NY Times

Franklin, NJ, Trump Supporters Demonstrate What Assholes They Are

…as the diverse group marched along Monday, waving signs and chanting slogans in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, it was met by several white men who had gathered near a sign that said “All Lives Matter” and in front of a pickup truck draped with an American flag and a pro-Trump sign.

One of the men yelled at the marchers angrily while kneeling on the neck of another who was facedown on the ground — an apparent attempt to mock the killing of Mr. Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after a white officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

NY Times


On Tuesday, after the angry encounter was denounced by state leaders and law enforcement, one of the men in the video, a corrections officer, has been suspended, while another was fired from his job at FedEx.
Washihgton Post