The Covidiots: Refusing to Wear a Mask

Here’s a story at the Washington Post about a woman who works at a store in North Carolina and has to deal with customers who refuse to wear a mask.

I suspect many of those refusing to wear masks are the phreaks who rely upon right-wing news sources (and voted for Trump). How did a national health crisis become political? Conservative media.

Here’s an excerpt:

But on weekends, we get dozens of people from Charlotte or Raleigh who come to visit their boats. Those places are virus hot spots, and they come here to have a good time and maybe they’re drinking. Some of them would see our signs, open the front door, and just yell: “F— masks. F— you.” Or they would walk in, refuse to wear a mask and then dump their merchandise all over the counter. I had a guy come in with no mask and a pistol on his hip and stare me down. I had a guy who took his T-shirt off and put it over his mouth so I could see his whole stomach. “There. A mask. Are you happy?” I had a lady who tried to tape a pamphlet on the front window about the ADA mask exemption, which is a totally fake thing.

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