White Supremacist Arrested. Found with Stockpile of Guns and Pipe Bombs. Wanted to Attack Democrats, California Governor’s Office, Facebook, Twitter.

Arrested: Ian Benjamin Rogers, Napa County, California.

Officers seized a total of 49 firearms from ROGERS’s home and business, and approximately two dozen ammunition boxes containing thousands of rounds of ammunition. Several of the firearms, including what appears to be a kit-built replica MG-42 belt-fed machine gun, appear to be capable of firing fully automatic. Also seized: 5 pipe bombs and a “White Privilege” card.

Also found: manuals, including The Anarchist Cookbook, U.S. Army Improvised Munitions Handbook, Homemade C-4 A Recipe for Survival, U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare, and a U.S. Army Guerrilla Warfare Handbook.

His text messages included: “I want to blow up a democrat building bad”. “The democrats need to pay”

Read the FBI agent’s affidavit here.

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